Stephen Jackson Shares His Opinion On The ESPN Layoffs: 'Nobody's Watching...'

NBA Champion Stephen Jackson shared his opinion about the ESPN layoffs on the “Way Up With Angela Yee” podcast

Stephen Jackson believes the podcasts have overtaken a lot of ESPN programs, as far as entertainment and revenue are concerned.

Stephen said ESPN employees started declining deals because they can make more money podcasting and saying what they want to say.

Aye, if you been in the podcast space… If you seen the stuff we been doing, um, Gilbert Arenas, Knuckleheads, all these basketball players, and stuff like that you knew this was coming.

Um, because we all worked at ESPN, me and Matt, um, when Rachel Nichols first started the show “The Jump” with me and, uh, Tracy McGrady that show went through the roof.

And, uh, they didn’t want to pay us. So as they wasn’t paying the players and the people that was making the shows hot everybody started declining the deals.

So they started giving the jobs to people who just wanted to be on TV.

But now, everybody’s in the podcast space… this show is more entertaining than anything on ESPN… this show!

It’s so many shows from our culture that are more entertaining than what they talking about.

Perfect example, when Stephen A. gets off his show, he goes straight to his podcast. To say things that he couldn’t say on ESPN, right?…

Because this is what’s hot right now. So they’re firing people because nobody’s watching…

Watch the clip of Stephen Jackson from the “Way Up With Angela Yee” podcast below:

Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, whose also an NBA Champion, have a very popular podcast on Apple Podcasts called “All The Smoke.”

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