Nat Geo is about to take us on a haunting journey with their new docuseries, “Cult Massacre: One Day In Jonestown“, premiering June 17 on Hulu.

The official trailer just dropped, and if the sneak peek is anything to go by, we’re in for a spine-chilling, eye-opening experience that chronicles the tragic events of 1978, where 918 lives were lost in one of history’s most infamous cult disasters.

The Story Behind The Massacre

The series dives into the story of Jim Jones, the charismatic yet deeply troubled leader of the Peoples Temple.

What started as a quest for social justice and an idealistic religious community in the heart of Guyana, spiraled into a nightmare that ended in mass suicide and murder.

Using newly digitized, never-before-seen footage and first-person accounts, “Cult Massacre: One Day In Jonestown” provides a raw, unfiltered look at how this so-called utopian dream turned into a living hell.

Voices From The Ashes

Prepare to hear directly from those who lived through the nightmare.

Former Peoples Temple members Leslie Wagner Wilson and Yulanda Williams share their harrowing tales of survival.

Jackie Speier, a former aide to U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan, who was assassinated during his visit to Jonestown, also lends her voice to the series.

We even hear from former Washington Post foreign correspondent Charles Krause, and former Special Ops Air Force Sgt. David Netterville, who was among the first U.S. service members to enter Jonestown after the tragedy, speaking publicly about his experience for the first time.

The Jones Legacy

One of the most gripping voices in the series is that of Stephan Jones, Jim Jones’ son.

Stephan offers a unique and personal perspective on his father’s descent into madness and the devastating impact it had on countless lives.

His testimony is not just a retelling but a sobering reflection on the complexities of following a leader who promised paradise but delivered death.

A Glimpse Into The Darkness

The trailer is a suspenseful masterclass, giving us just enough to leave us wanting more.

It promises an immersive look into the final harrowing hours leading up to the mass casualty event, complete with rare recordings of Jones that capture the chilling charisma that led so many to their doom.

‘Cult Massacre: One Day in Jonestown’ Trailer

Watch the trailer now and prepare yourself for an emotional, eye-opening journey into one of America’s darkest chapters. 

Nat Geo’s “Cult Massacre: One Day In Jonestown” is not just another documentary—it’s a crucial exploration of how idealism can turn deadly under the wrong influence.

This series is set to be both a tribute to the lives lost and a stark warning about the dangers of blind faith in charismatic leaders. 

Mark your calendars for June 17, because this is one docuseries you won’t want to miss.

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