The sale of fake Lollapalooza wristbands sent three men through the window of the Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in Chicago on Sunday (August 1).

The hotel is located across the street from Grant Park, where the Lollapalooza music festival was held.

Reportedly, three people accused a man of selling them fake wristbands.

It is unclear when the buyers realized the wristbands were fakes, but it is clear that they were on a mission to seek revenge on the seller.

In the cell phone video, you see two guys push a guy in a white hat and shorts through a window.

The two guys pushing we believe are the buyers, and the guy in the white hat we believe to be the seller.

After the window shatters from the impact of three bodies going through it, the seller tries to stand up and walk away until he realizes his legs are severely cut.

He then falls to the ground and drags himself away.

The guys who were doing the pushing walk away, but they appear to have injuries as well.

The guy who seems to be the most mobile looks like he has blood on his jeans, and the other guy walks to the curb and hunches over as if he is experiencing some type of pain

According to the CBS Chicago news report, emergency responders arrived and put tourniquets on three people and took them to the hospital.

The three people are expected to be okay.

Watch the CBS Chicago news report below:

I remember buying counterfeit tickets to the Saturday NBA All-Star Daytime Events in Atlanta in 2003, and it made me want to push the seller through a window.

Have you ever bought counterfeit tickets?

Sources: TMZ and CBS Chicago News