A woman who came to Atlanta for NBA All-Star Weekend is now stranded and asking for GoFundMe donations to get home.

According to the GoFundMe account organized by “Yazz Theestallion,” the woman came to Atlanta on a one-way ticket with $400 in her purse.

She was planning to use her unemployment to pay her way back home, but the funds did not come through.

I went to Atlanta for all star weekend with $400 only booked a one way because I was waiting on my unemployment to pay my way back but they baited I need help surviving and making back home to New York please anything will help!!!

So far, the fundraiser, titled “I Need Help Getting Back Home I’m Stuck In ATL,” has raised $569 of the $1,300 goal with 48 contributors, but it has been shared more than 50,000 times.

Sadly, I’m sure ole girl isn’t the only person in Atlanta right now trying to figure out how they are going to get back home.

I pray she at least has been wearing a mask all weekend.


The young lady has taken to Facebook to say it was a joke (see also “scam”) and that she’s on her way to the bank.

Watch clips from the live below:

**UPDATE 2**

The GoFundMe fundraiser has been taken down. 

**UPDATE 3**

Another GoFundMe has been launched, but it’s unclear if it is the same woman or a copycat trying to capitalize off of the situation.

Please be very careful when donating to online fundraisers.