Meghan McCain is as cold as an ice cube in Antartica.

During Monday’s episode of “The View,” the panel discussed Kathy Griffin, who revealed she has lung cancer and will undergo surgery to remove half of her left lung.

Despite the fact that Kathy may not be everyone’s favorite, the majority of folks were compassionate to her situation and had empathy.

Then, there’s Meghan McCain, who went on a spiel about how she doesn’t like – and will never like Kathy Griffin because of the homophobic jokes she made about Clay Aiken before he came out of the closet.

From there, she went on to demand an apology from Kathy for what she did to Clay.

I would love to hear an apology if she’s doing this kind of soul-searching.

I don’t like her, I’m never going to like her for all the jokes she made about Clay.

Watch the clip below courtesy of The Chat:

Watch the full segment below.

I appreciate Whoopi Goldberg for closing out the segment with her words of wisdom and compassion.

Your thoughts?