Dr. Zach Okhah plastic surgeon (1)

Dr. Zach Okhah, the self-proclaimed “liposuction/BBL specialist” who performed a procedure on Ms. Jacky Oh! prior to her untimely passing, has broken his silence.

In a statement released via his official Instagram page, Dr. Zach did not offer his condolences to DC Young Fly or the Smith family.

Instead, he opted to reassure potential patients that his Miami practice “remains devoted to the highest quality medical care.” 

Dr. Zach added that he is “relentlessly committed to advancing techniques in the realm of plastic surgery.” 

Last, but certainly not least, he stated that his “mission is to help our patients achieve the best possible results…”

See the official statement below.

Dr. Zach still has all of the comments turned off on his page.

Ms. Jacky Oh! was laid to rest by her family on Saturday, June 10.

My sincerest condolences and prayers to all who knew and cherished Jacky.

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  1. Obviously, he has no concern for the deceased client. Typical. On to the next because I’m pretty sure she signed some type agreement releasing the doctor from any type of malpractice responsibilities.

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