Boosie Apologizes To His Kids After Being Arrested By The Feds Based On IG Live Footage

Boosie apologized to his kids on Twitter on Wednesday after the rapper was arrested by federal agents outside of a courthouse.

The father of six, whose real name is Torrence Hatch Jr., wrote, “I WANNA TAKE THIS TIME TO APOLOGIZE TO MY KIDS, IM SORRY AND I LOVE YALL FOREVER 🙏🏾”

See his original tweet below.

Reportedly, the federal agents arrested Boosie on Wednesday (June 14) outside of a San Diego courthouse, where local prosecutors dropped charges in another gun case with essentially the same charge, possession of a weapon by a felon.

Once the charge was dropped in the courtroom, the feds were waiting outside to pick it up.

It appears the San Diego police and the feds were in cahoots against Boosie.

According to federal documents, Boosie was seen on Instagram Live on May 6 with a gun tucked in the waistband of his red jeans.

Watch videos from the IG Live below:

In the second video, you can see a black object in Boosie’s waistband when he turns around.

The feds said that San Diego Police Department was watching that IG Live and got officers to pull over a vehicle that Boosie was riding in.

According to federal agents, the San Diego police officer believes he saw someone “attempting to conceal firearms or illegal contraband” right before the Mercedes SUV pulled over.

Once the vehicle pulled over, Boosie told the officer he didn’t have any weapons, but his security guard did.

The cops found a 9mm in the security guard’s bag and a loaded Glock 9mm on the back passenger seat.

Boosie, his security guard, and the driver were arrested.

Cops say they heard Boosie yell to his security guard, “You told me they were in the bag.”

The cops matched the Glock 9mm to the black object seen in Boosie’s waistband from the Instagram Live footage, and that’s why they arrested him outside of the courtroom on June 14.

He sent the tweet to his kids shortly after his arrest.

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Source: TMZ

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