Bambi - Erica Dixon - Emani Richardson

Somebody get Lil Scrappy on the line because Bambi, Erica Dixon, and Emani Richardson are cutting up in the streets of social media.

Long story short, Bambi and Scrappy are going through a divorce, so Emani has severed ties with her soon-to-be ex-stepmother and is now referring to her as “that lady.”

Bambi took to social media and posted a photo of herself and in the caption she wrote, “It’s giving ‘That Lady.'”


That’s when Erica Dixon entered the chat writing, “You mean ‘That Old Lying A** Lady’ that was in the hot tub with Benzino. Bih you too old to be trying to be petty with my child.”

Bambi and Erica continued their font-fighting in the comment section of Instagram. 

The Bam wrote: 

Y’all made I’m embracing “That Lady” Shade or NOT people were referring to me as “That Lady” and I’m gonna wear it.

Erica worry about losing your temper on your children because none of your baby daddies are in the home.

Today you gonna wish you kept quiet. You been fooling the internet for far too long. 

Erica responded: 

Girl bye!! You and Scrap tried the abuse allegations to get my kids taken from me and failed. Shows just how miserable y’all were.

I’m not worried about you or anyone else. You so bothered by me and I’m not even moved by you. Remember you’re divorcing the same Babydaddy I left once I found out you were his side chick.

Since you’re embracing, embracing sucking d**k after d**k Benzino, Stevie, then Scrappy to be on Love & Hip Hop.

I saved you by not exposing you as Scrappy’s side chick.

Since you’re so worried about my other single Babydaddy, I can hook y’all up.

He’ll one and done ya like everyone else. Shall we embrace your other baby daddies as well?

Bambi added: 

And yes. I filed for divorce months ago.

I’m also in therapy so I won’t be two piecing my kids cuz I’m pressed about their absent dad. 

Things escalated from there and resulted in Bambi taking to her Instagram Story to share the reason why she never liked Erica Dixon was that Emani would tell her that her mother was abusive towards her.

Y’all so mad cuz I’m really ‘That Lady’ but you’ll never be anything other than ‘That N***a Baby Moma’ @MsEricaDixon

Since you wanna play with me… The reason why I never liked your a** is because since your child was 8 years old she confided in me about you bullying her and two-piecing her a**!

I let people think otherwise and never spoke up because Scrapp was handling it with the court and she was underage…

But b**ch f**k you! It’s up.

And here is one incident report of many…Now pipe TF down & show some respect to That Lady that consoled your baby after you busted her s**t all those times. 

Bambi kept her promise and posted a photo of an Incident/Investigation report.

She wrote

Public Record…please stop playing. I love this child and kept my mouth closed but y’all doing the most!

You sent cops to my house being petty as usual…and then your child wanted to talk to them and tell them this s**t on her own.

Bambi added:

Using your grown child for a ‘Love & Hip Hop’ storyline is pathetic. Hang it up! I’m not fighting with y’all. Go fight with your other baby daddy’s wife girl. 

The end. 

See the original posts below.

Bambi also posted recorded conversations with Lil Scrappy where he admitted that Emani did in fact tell them that she was being abused by Erica Dixon.

Emani, who is now 18, went live on Instagram and denied ever being abused by her mother.

In fact, she flipped the script and claimed her baby sister’s hair was falling out because Bambi failed to properly bathe and care for the baby.

Emani also took to social media writing, “And let’s not talk about abuse my mom ain’t never abuse me. but didn’t your mom threaten to ‘beat my a**’ and call me a label whore?? Oh okay.”

Emani Richardson

Erica Dixon also went live to address the drama and confirmed that the Department of Children and Family Services opened an investigation on her in connection to the abuse allegations and found no evidence of abuse or neglect of her children.

She also noted that she just had a meeting with Bambi to discuss their issues and Bambi walked away, which is a clear indication that they are filming all of this tomfoolery for the new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Watch the clip below.

Last, but certainly not least, Momma Dee joined the online circus to give her take on the malice in her palace.

You know who hasn’t said anything? Lil Scrappy, who is the common thread between Bambi, Erica Dixon, and Emani.

Based on all of the evidence that has been presented, Emani appears to have been playing double agent between households.

Her own father admitted that she told them she was being abused, and an investigation was opened, and now she’s ten toes down with her mother calling Bambi a liar.

Chile…tune in to the new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” for more of this tomfoolery.

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