Desiigner was pulled over by the police in LA on Wednesday (June 1) for driving without a license plate, and he proceeded to curse them out.

According to the LAPD, Desiigner got out of his car and approached the motor cop that pulled him over.

In the video, Desiigner is at a Chevron gas station going back and forth with three cops.

He tells one of the three cops to put the pepper spray back in his bag because he doesn’t pose a threat.

Get your pepper spray back in your bag. I’m not a threat.

Back the f*** up!… Back up!

I don’t have nothing in my pocket.

Back the f*** up!… Back the f*** up from me bro!

You f***in racist b****!

I’m tired of this sh** bro!

Designer appears to be recording the altercation on his phone as he goes back and forth with the cops.

One of the cops says something about taking Desiigner’s car and he lets him know that he has plenty of money.

He tells the cops that they don’t know who they f***ing with, and he has “real people coming down the block that can shut this whole sh** down.”

Desiigner then spots a bystander recording the altercation, and he questions the bystander to validate his celebrity to the cops.

Aye Yo!… You know who I am right?

Desiigner… handle… Yeah, let the world know!

I’m over 20 million around the world bro.

Watch the video below:

According to the LAPD, more officers came and spoke to Desiigner and diffused the situation.

He signed his ticket and there were no further issues.

Thankfully, this situation didn’t end tragically.

Source: TMZ