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Cam Newton declined to press charges against the men who attempted to jump him at his 7-on-7 youth football tournament in Atlanta.

Viral videos show two coaches from TopShelf Performance approaching Cam under the Well Ball Sports tent.

At some point, the Atlanta native and former NFL quarterback was grabbed and Cam instinctively went into defense mode and handled his business.

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TopShelf Performance issued a formal statement apologizing for their actions and for getting out of character. 

“Violence has no place in our community, and we strongly condemn any form of aggression,” the statement reads.

However, the coaches involved in the incident went on 105.3 The Beat and accused Cam Newton of trash-talking and ultimately starting the altercation. 

Atlanta Police said that several people involved in the fight with Cam ran away from the scene.

Those who stayed around did not need medical attention nor did they have a desire to press charges. 

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Source: 11Alive

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