DaniLeigh recently sat down with Angie Martinez and talked about the infamous IG Live fight in November 2021 that she had with her daughter’s father, DaBaby.

She said several women that she knew and didn’t know reached out to her after the DaBaby kicked her and their 3-month-old daughter out of his house on IG Live.

Dani admitted that she was deeply in love with DaBaby, so much so that she doesn’t know if she would have left him if the IG Live fight didn’t happen.

But she also said, in retrospect, she wishes she would’ve left DaBaby the first time he cheated on her.

Angie also asked her about the controversy surrounding the “Yellow Bone” song. 

DaniLeigh admitted that the song was a mistake, and she now realizes that speaking on skin tone was the wrong thing to do.

She said she is excited to shift the focus back to her artistry, and she has a seven-song EP entitled, My Side, that’s about to come out with a lead single titled, “Dead To Me.”

Listen to “Dead To Me” below:

We all know who that song is about.

She said the EP was like therapy for her.

Watch the interview below:

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