Vivica A. Fox didn’t mince words while discussing the passing of Kevin Samuels, who died suddenly on May 5 in his Atlanta home.

The actress described the self-proclaimed relationship guru as a “shock jock” who was a hypocrite. 

He insulted African American women on a consistent basis. 

She went on to add: 

I hope this is teaching folks a lesson about the karma that you put out…the negativity that you put out in the world.

That when karma comes knocking at your door she might not be so kind. 

So, the fact that he kelt over real quick and was supposedly with a woman that we don’t yet know the nationality…

Rest In Peace.

Watch the clip below as Vivica A. Fox and LisaRaye speak on Kevin’s passing.

Some may argue with some of the things Vivica has recently said on “Cocktails with Queens” she’s becoming a shock jock in her own right.

What are your thoughts on her remarks regarding Kevin Samuels?