On the latest episode of As DaBaby Turns, the rapper booted singer DaniLeigh and their three-month-old daughter out of his house and a majority of the tomfoolery was displayed on Instagram Live.

Apparently after attending an NBA game, the rapper came home and announced it was time for DaniLeigh and their baby girl to go.

When the singer refused to leave (because she has no where else to go), the rapper began filming the dispute (and their baby) on Instagram Live.

He then proceeded to call the police on Dani to have her removed from his home.

To cover his behind, DaBaby released the following statement via social media:

I would like to swiftly remove myself from any of the “hostile” behavior put on display moments ago, this here thing has gone far enough for shawty to crash out on her own and it saddens me because I still got a queen to raise.

The last hour has been documented for my safety and business done based on my reputation. With multiple threats of setting up a internet scheme & a person refusing to not let me go. Me and somebody else here knew to record her. I don’t been beat on and yelled at and chased around like one of them fatal love attraction type girls.

But, I knew to keep it together.

My team will be in contact with any and everybody we’re in business with who may need clarifiction.

End of the day no big deal I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing I just want her peacefully removed with they need to hurry up and do as we speak I ain’t even want that behavior on display but it’s okay. Man this too shall pass it’s all good.

My focus right now is soley on this new project out and this LiveShowKillaTour starting Nov. 26th

Hate shawty went out that way but that ain’t my business I’m a father first always, and always will be.

This really me typing too no PR.

DaniLeigh released her own statement in response writing:

Hey Guys, Since Baby wanna put up a “statement” with his cap ass I’ll put mine up…

So we been living with each other for the past three months since our baby been born…doin us…and tonight he wanna come in the room talking about “I need to go” don’t where I go..mind u…

I have a newborn child, so he said I can go to a hotel…

This man is mad bc I had a Plan B sent to his condo. BC all he wanna do is c*m in me with no responsibility…obviously…he prob want me out so he can f**k on his baby mother and other hoes, who been known we been together this whole time. While I just had my first child…

This all goes to say that this man is a f**king coward!!! I’m sleeping after cooking him dinner and he wanna say I needa go! F**k u baby!!! And damn I really shoulda jus listened to the cap ass internet about this man!!! Ima learn and Ima grow…

But this right here…ain’t it…and I’m sorry to my baby that her father is kicking her out her home at 3 months.

See video clips of the shenanigans courtesy of Akademiks and read their original statements below.

DaBaby is currently trending on Twitter as people react to his latest drama involving DaniLeigh and their child.

Peep the tweets below.



It appears the drama is still ongoing at DaBaby’s house and DaniLeigh still hasn’t packed up her baby and her things to leave.

The rapper is still going live on Instagram to continue to humiliate her.

See videos courtesy of TSR.

This situation has reached a new low and is so sad and pathetic.

Your thoughts?