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DaniLeigh ‘Sad’ After DaBaby Assaults Her Brother At A Bowling Alley

DaniLeigh 'Sad' After DaBaby Assaults Her Brother At A Bowling Alley

DaniLeigh is “sad” after DaBaby and his crew physically attacked her brother, Brandon Bills, at the Corbin Bowling Alley in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Videos of the altercation have gone viral and it’s trending across social media platforms.

According to Brandon, he approached DaBaby to have a man-to-man conversation with him, presumably in regards to how he treats his sister and her baby.

Obviously, DaBaby wasn’t in the mood to talk, so he swung on Brandon and the brawl began.

It was Brandon versus DaBaby, four other men, and the slippery bowling alley lane.

Watch the video clip below.

Following the altercation, Brandon Bills took to social media to say a few things:

DaniLeigh appears to be in the sunken place after the ordeal because she has a daughter with the man who assaulted her brother for trying to defend her honor.

She took to her Instagram Story writing:

Lame as hell!!!!

Running up on my brother on some slipper a** floors with 5/6 of ya boys while he’s by himself and not even touching him!!!

Lame and soooo sad!!!! I pray this stops now!!! BC this is my family! And I got a daughter to raise.

Sad ????

See her original post below.

She has since deactivated her Instagram page.

It’s unclear if the police were called or if any charges will come out of this, but the streets of Twitter are buzzing as people react to the tomfoolery.

One person tweeted:

Poor guy trying to defend his bird of a sister who allowed a dog ass rapper with multiple kids by multiple birds to knock her up and treat her like trash SMMFH #dababy #danileigh

Read more tweets below:


Your thoughts on this tomfoolery?

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