D.L. Hughley, Mo'Nique via Instagram

D.L. Hughley blasts Mo’Nique again – this time accusing her of gaslighting him after she and her husband offered him a public apology. 

On Thursday, Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, went live on Instagram to apologize to D.L. for mistakenly claiming they sent him a cease and desist letter about taking down her interview on his show, where she was asked offensive questions. 

Mo’Nique also took a moment to clarify that when she called him out on stage in Detroit, the attack was aimed at him – not his wife. 

Mo also denied ever saying that D.L. Hughley allowed his daughter to be sexually assaulted

Watch Mo’Nique & Sidney Hicks Apologize & Address D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley Fires Back, Accusing Mo’Nique Of Gaslighting

D.L. Hughley wasn’t trying to hear what Mo’Nique was talking about during her Instagram Live and took to his platforms to call her out for gaslighting him. 

The comedian and actor wrote: 

Let me make this VERY CLEAR, I started NONE OF THIS, but you got me fkd all the way up if you think I’m going to stay silent and not call out a LIAR.

I see what y’all did to Steve and all them when nobody tried to defend themselves. It’s been 2 YEARS since that woman LIED ON ME & DISRESPECTED MY FAMILY. When the internet came for her a– after what she said about my daughter, she stopped all the bull— and I that was it. I’ve been minding my own business… Now, here we go again!

Just because someone LIES, MANIPULATES AND GASLIGHTS YOU in a calm voice with terms of endearment, DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE!

You had an issue with ME when it came to that contract, but before you ever spoke a word to ME, YOU WENT ON STAGE AT A CONCERT IN FRONT OF A FULL AUDIENCE AND ATTACKED MY WIFE…but “family is sacred”. GASLIGHTING!!

You had an issue with ME, but you brought my daughter’s trauma into it to try and hurt me. Now you’re saying “it wasn’t like that”. Then why did you PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE?? GASLIGHTING!!

Every time you speak my name, I’m coming back at you. You don’t get to be the aggressor and the victim with me. You speak my name or my family’s name and Imma be on yo a–!!

See D.L. Hughley’s original post below. 

Tiffany Haddish Enters The Chat

Tiffany Haddish popped up in the comment section of D.L.’s post aimed at Mo’Nique and offered applause with multiple clapping emojis.

You may recall that during her “Club Shay Shay” interview, Mo’Nique read Tiffany for remarks she made her husband, Sidney Hicks. 

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Unfortunately, Tiffany Haddish got chewed up in D.L.’s comments as well. 

See Exhibit A below. 


Social Media Reactions

D.L. Hughley also faced some criticism for how he is handling the situation with Mo’Nique. 

One commenter wrote: 

This was so childish. I saw her interview with her husband and she came in peace. You’re steady attacking her like a little kid throwing a tantrum. GROW UP and have a face to face conversation. All this social media boxing is getting old af. Her response to you wasn’t angry at all. She was respectful and professional, and your last 2 messages to her were full of hate and anger. She said you need an emotional support dog….I see why! STAY mad because you really ain’t even that funny 😒

Someone else commented: 

Monique is speaking to actual events that happened. This dude is responding with nothing but insults. It ain’t hard to tell who’s lying…

D.L. also had supporters who wrote: 

He’s absolutely right disrespect with a smile is still disrespect yes she has the right to say whatever she wants however let’s also remember DL has the right to defend himself and his family 💜

If he doesn’t respond, people will say, “He didn’t respond, so she must be telling the truth.” He’s responding, and people are mad. WTH??

At this point, get some mediation or give it to God and go to sleep because we’re tired.

Do you think Mo’Nique was gaslighting D.L. Hughley?

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