Mo'Nique - D.L. Hughley dispute over headlining Detroit comedy Show

Mo’Nique has issued a public apology to D.L. Hughley‘s family for bringing them into her feud with him and unintentionally hurting them.

During her performance at the Duke Energy Center in Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday night, the Oscar-winning actress and comedian took accountability for the disrespectful and inappropriate remarks she made about his family. 

Mo’Nique said: 

I’d like to consider myself a woman of honor. So, I’ve got to do something right now publicly that I did publicly. 

And when I f**k it up – I’ve got to fix it up. So, I’m gone take care of that right now. 

To D.L. Hughley’s family I want to publicly apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

The audience erupted with applause and some gave Mo a standing ovation as she continued:

I want to publicly apologize to his wife and his babies if I hurt their feelings. 

That was never my g***amn intention. I never meant to hurt their feelings. 

But, that n***a D.L., I meant every muthaf**kin thing I said. 

Watch the clip below courtesy of TSR.

You may recall during her on-stage rant, Mo’Nique said, “How can DL’s wife suck the d**k of a coward?”

Then, she took to social media and posted a clip of D.L. talking about his daughter being sexually assaulted by someone he knew and how he did nothing about it because he liked the person.

Mo’Nique’s disrespect prompted D.L.’s daughter, Ryan Nicole, to publicly address her. 

D.L. Hughley addressed the situation publicly one final time via his radio show. 

Do you think the Hughley family should accept Mo’Nique’s apology?