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Coretta Scott King’s Daughter Bernice Says Her Mother ‘Wasn’t A Prop’ After Jonathan Majors Remark

Flanked by her children Martin Luther King III (R) and Rev. Bernice Albertine King (L), Coretta Scott King speaks during the 36th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Service at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church January 19, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. The service was held in honor of what would have been King's 75th birthday. (Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)

Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Coretta Scott King, took to the streets of Twitter with a quick reminder to put some respect on her mother’s name. 

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Bernice offered a necessary PSA after Jonathan Majors referred to his girlfriend, Meagan Good, as his “Coretta” because she stood by his side throughout his assault and harassment case. 

His remark drew ire from many who fully understood Coretta Scott King was much more than a “ride or die chick.”

Dr. Bernice King entered the chat on Monday when she tweeted:

My mother wasn’t a prop. 

She was a peace advocate before she met my father and was instrumental in him speaking out against the Vietnam War. 

Please understand…my mama was a force. 

Bernice also included a link to a piece she wrote about her mother in 2017 titled, “A Woman Purposed To Be A King.” 

See the original tweet below. 

One Twitter user said they don’t understand why Jonathan Majors is always hollering “Coretta” when his preference is Susan B. Anthony.

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