Al Reynolds via YouTube, Nia Long via Instagram

Audacity is at an all-time high. Al Reynolds boldly stated on an episode of Fox Soul’s “TEA-G-I-F” that Nia Long should have stayed with Ime Udoka despite his cheating. 

You may recall that the beloved and revered actress ended her engagement and relationship with the former head coach of the Boston Celtics after he was involved in a cheating scandal with someone in the organization

According to Al Reynolds, Nia should have just sat there and ate her food. 

I would have stayed there and ate my food if I was Nia Long.

This ain’t the first time this man has cheated on her.

And I promise you if they stayed together it wouldn’t be the last.

I think Nia Long got caught up into this feeling that happens to a lot of women that are very popular on social media and in pop culture.

She let the lean-in of everybody and the embarrassment of this public cheating get between her and her relationship with her man.

And that’s where I think she could have made better decisions. She still loves that man. That son still loves his dad. 

Watch the segment below. 

You may recall that during her highly publicized conversation with Jeezy, Nia said, “The hardest thing to do is to walk away from someone you still love.” 

But, there is also a saying, “What you allow is what will continue.” 

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