ABC News Live “Prime” anchor Linsey Davis has an exclusive interview with actor Jonathan Majors (ABC News/ Michael Le Brecht II)

Jonathan Majors sat down with Linsey Davis for his first interview since he was found guilty of reckless assault and harassment last month.

On December 18, a Manhattan jury found the 34-year-old actor guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Marvel Entertainment swiftly dropped Jonathan from his recurring film and TV role of “Kang the Conquerer.” 

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Jonathan is slated to be sentenced on February 6, 2024, and more than likely will not receive jail time. 

The actor’s fall from grace played out in front of the world like a newly-released Netflix series as Jonathan’s life went from walking red carpets for big-budget films to photos of him walking into a Manhattan courthouse.

Opinions over whether or not Jonathan Majors was guilty or innocent parted social media like the Red Sea.

Jonathan Majors Speaks Out On ‘GMA’

In his exclusive interview with Linsey Davis, Jonathan admitted, “It’s been very, very, very hard and very difficult and confusing in many ways.”

Jonathan was asked why he is now speaking out about his case. 

I felt like it was time. A lot has happened,” he said with a nervous laugh.

Jonathan continued, “…in my personal life, in my career and the culture…just responsibility and coming forward.

When asked about the verdict in his assault and harassment case, Jonathan Majors said he was “absolutely shocked” and “afraid.”

How is that possible based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence – let alone our evidence? How is that possible,” he said.

Jonathan flat-out denied ever assaulting Grace Jabbari in the back of the SUV. 

That never happened,” he said. 

When Linsey Davis asked him how did Grace get those injuries to her finger and ear, the actor responded, “I wish to God I knew. That would give me clarity…give me some type of peace about it.”

Jonathan also spoke on the surveillance video that captured him running from Grace following their alleged altercation.

If you watch those videos and you reverse that and you saw a Black man chasing a white girl down the street screaming and crying – that man is going to be shot and killed in the streets of New York City,” he said.

Jonathan’s team shared photos with ABC News of his injuries – a scratch to his face and another to his arm. 

The actor said he got the scratches on his arm when Grace was “clawing for his phone” and he had a fingernail gash in his beard area.

During the trial, the prosecution pointed out an incident where Jonathan allegedly threw a candle.

He admitted to Linsey Davis, “I completely lost my temper in that moment and threw it all on the ground. That’s not something that I would want my child to do and I did that. I absolutely did that and felt terrible about it.”

Jonathan Majors also discussed the infamous recording played in court where he chastised Grace Jabbar for not acting more like Coretta Scott King or Michelle Obama

It was me trying to give the analogy of what it is I’m aspiring to be. You know? These great men…Martin…President Obama…and trying to give a reference point to that. One of the things I also say is like I need her – in that case Grace – to make the same sacrifices I am making.”

When asked if he felt responsible, in any way, for Grace Jabbari’s injuries, Jonathan Majors said, “I shouldn’t have been in the car. I shouldn’t have stepped out of the relationship. I shouldn’t have been in the relationship. If I’m not in the car – none of this is happening. If I leave the relationship – none of this is happening. If I’m man enough or brave enough to say, ‘I want to see somebody else’ or ‘I’m done now’ – I’m not in that car. We’re not here. I’m responsible for those things.”

After evading the question, Linsey Davis asked Jonathan again if he was responsible for Grace Jabbari’s injuries. 

Jonathan Majors said, “Can’t say that. None of her injuries.”

Speaking specifically about his conviction, Linsey asked Jonathan if he recklessly injured Grace and he responded, “I was reckless with her heart.”

He added, “Not with her body.” 

Jonathan Majors shared his regrets from the night of the incident with Grace Jabbari.

I wouldn’t have picked her up, I wouldn’t have put her back in that car, I wouldn’t have tried to keep her in the car. I would have gotten out of that car and ran…immediately.

Jonathan said that he loved Grace, but admitted their relationship was “not healthy.”

And that began to reveal itself over time,” he said.

However, Jonathan Majors said he stayed in the relationship because he “was scared.”

The actor said as the red flags became more noticeable he felt like the relationship became more “dangerous” in the months leading up to the incident.

I should have been brave. I should have said, ’No, this isn’t working. And I should have walked away and I didn’t,” he admitted.

Jonathan Majors addressed the suicidal messages he sent to Grace during their relationship.

The ideation of removing myself from situations permanently is a thought that I’ve had since I was a kid. You know? Since I was a young boy on a farm in Texas. It’s not there anymore,” he said while wiping tears.

He added, “I’m doing the work to keep it at bay. It’s not there anymore.”

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Jonathan Majors talked about his girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, who was present for his interview.

She’s an angel. She held me down like a Coretta. You know? I’m so blessed to have her. The relationship – it’s still fresh, but I think I’ve found her.”

Rolling Stone published an article where they claimed to have interviewed other women who shared similar stories of being in nightmarish relationships with Jonathan Majors.

When asked if he’s had past issues with domestic abuse, Jonathan said, “I’ve witnessed it. But, never participated. I’ve been smacked up before…never exercised it.”

Was I a jerk? Was I a mean guy? Yeah, knowing what I know now, I go..severe depression, childhood trauma…yeah, I wasn’t the best boyfriend all the time.” 

But, he stood firm saying, “I never hit a woman. I never put my hands – I’ve never struck a woman. Ever.” 

Despite his current circumstances, Jonathan Majors is still hopeful that he will work in Hollywood again. 

I pray I do, but it’s God’s plan and God’s timing,” he said.

When asked if he deserves a second chance, Jonathan said, “I think I do. I hope other people think that.”

Watch a clip from the interview below.

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