Conor McGregor Sends Miami Heat Mascot, Burnie, To The Hospital

Conor McGregor didn’t get the welcome he expected from the Miami Heat fans, so he decided to take his frustrations out on Burnie, the mascot.

Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, known for his antics in and out of the ring, was greeted with boos during halftime of the NBA Finals Game 4 in Miami on Friday (June 9).

He and mascot Burnie were supposed to perform a pre-planned skit to promote Conor’s new pain relief spray.

Conor was supposed to pretend to hit Burnie, but he hit the mascot twice for real.

He hit Burnie with a left hook to his face with the first punch, which laid him out flat on the court.

While Burnie was on the ground, Conner followed up with another left hook to the face causing Burnie’s legs to go up in the air from the impact of the punch.

Conner used so much force with the second punch he reacted like he hurt his hand.

Burnie was dragged off the court and taken to a local emergency room, where he was given pain medicine and released.

Watch the Conor McGregor vs. Burnie the mascot “GMA” report below:

Before getting punched, Burnie was hyped for Game 4, and now his comments are filled with get-well-soon wishes.

Conor McGregor may have earned himself a lifetime ban from the Miami Heat arena for this one.

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