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Anita Baker has taken to social media to get a few things off of her chest after the fallout following her New Jersey show, where Babyface said he was told not to perform.

The legendary singer, songwriter, and producer took to his Instagram page to issue an apology to fans who were anxiously awaiting his performance at the Prudential Center on May 10.

I am truly sorry to my fans who have been waiting for us to this the stage this evening at the Prudential Center.

I was asked not to perform in order to give Ms. Baker her space and time to perform her show in its entirety.

My band and I are extremely saddened we didn’t get to perform for y’all tonight.

A month later, Anita Baker is now calling on Babyface to tell his fans “the truth” because she now claims to be getting cyberbullied and harassed by his “crazies” over his “false narrative.”

The “Sweet Love” singer first took to her Twitter timeline with some shady subliminal messages about Babyface, who she referred to as the “supporting act.” 

Read a few quotes below. 

Out of Kindness & Community, you Gift🎁 them $200k worth of Production/that YOU Pay for… And, Still, they Complain & hold up, the show ⏰ Annnd, Slander & *Villanize, Your name to social media blogs & press #Massa&Plantation

It was 9:30pm.


It was WAAAY Past time 4 the Headline Performer, to be On Stage/Anita Baker

Support Act ❤️did Not Perform. 

I have No Contract with Support Act❤️Not my Call

I Did what i was *Contracted 2 do & Love, as Headline Performer, of my Sold Out Concert

This Truth? Will never  Reach all of the Places & People that The Slander & Intentional Fake News has been, *deliberatly Sent 2*

I dont really, do Press. It’s Exhausting. I simply prefer to Sing🎼❤️

I’m Praying the Truth reaches My Global🌍🌏 Fan Base & My Reputation is Restored

Support Act’s❤️ Equipment was On Stage For HOURS⏰ Prior my Set amid Video wall Failure… But, With Live Musicians? We. PLAY. ANYway🎶 

Why did they, Not Perform?

I/Anita did Nothing to Prevent their Live/to Track, Performance.😩… Other ppl? Tech issue?


Not P.R. worthy, 2 simply say, maybe Promoter/Others? Said, Performance Slot has passed⏰ Massa, Alerts the Industry Blogs & media & Say ANITA BAKER, is responsible… Her name will Get Attention. Industry Bloggers will Intimidate & Bully her N2 fearful silence

Dearest one. You are Not, privy to *The Contracts*. Yes, Babyface is Special Guest❤️/Support Act, on My Tour. This False Narrative, of A Co-headliner is creating Unrealistic Expectations & Aggression, from his fans towards me. He should tell you guys, the Truth

As you can see… Some of his fans, are Not accepting of the Reality, that he is Contracted, as Special Guest/Support, on My Tour Some even want to hurt me… 

Crazyyyy. Town.

After her shady posts, Anita Baker went to ask Babyface to call off his fans, who she refers to as “Kenny’s Crazies,” who are going at her online.

Kenny’s Crazies are online Bullies. 

@Babyface Please call off, your fans. I have been Only Kind and Supportive, of You, as the Special Guest/Support, on My Tour


There is A White man, behind these Grown Black Men… harrassing Me &  Gaslighting, My Fans. Because he Cant take over, this Tour… sO? He wants to Destroy it.

Kenny’s Crazy Narcissist

@Babyface call off, your Boys

See all of the original tweets below. 

Read a few Twitter reactions to the alleged Anita Baker/Babyface beef below.

Babyface has not publicly addressed Anita Baker and/or her tweets. But, his recent Tiny Desk Concert is fire!

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