Comedian Robert Gibson was doing a show at Buffalo Springs Lake in Texas on the 4th, and when he started cracking jokes on some nearby cops, they got emo and shut down his show.

Robert Gibson was making fun of some cops trying to ticket a boat on the lake, and as he was cracking his jokes the crowd was eating it up.

Soon after, a cop named Drew Spencer approached him and said that the General Manager called and wanted him to end his show because he was being disrespectful.

Gibson attempted to tell the cop that it’s just comedy and as a comedian, he makes fun of what he sees, but the officer stood firm and made him shut down the show (0:22 mark on the video).

The crowd got upset and started booing, and one person told Gibson to just “move forward with another joke.”

Gibson complied with the cop’s orders and shut down the show, but before he did he looked into the camera and said, “The weak a** mf’ing police shut down my show!… First time in comedy history.”

Prior to the cop approaching Gibson, a store owner tried to warn him that the cops would shut him down if he continued talking about them (2:54 mark on the video).

Watch the video below:

The mystery is did the store owner tip off the General Manager or did the cops?

Your thoughts?

Source: The Young Turks (TYT)