The cast of the 1995 sitcom, “The Parent’hood,” took to social media to pay tribute to Suzzanne Douglas.

Suzzanne, who starred as wife and mother of four, Jerri Peterson, on the series from Robert Townsend, passed away on July 6. 

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Her TV family took to social media to remember and celebrate her life. 

Read their remarks below. 

Robert Townsend (Robert Peterson) shared:

My heart is full this morning, because yesterday I lost, my amazing dancing partner on TV for 5 years Suzanne Douglas. We did “Work” on the TV series THE PARENT’HOOD.

She was always a part of the ultimate plan, create a TV series with old fashion morals and values, use the show as a Trojan horse to help raise a generation of black kids without mamas or daddies, quietly planting seeds of hope and new aspirations in between the jokes.

Over the years, those kids who faithfully watched the show, now young adults, would approach her and say, “You were my mother…. and you helped raise me! When she talked about this we would laugh, we succeeded.

She was always my anchor that kept me grounded, holding my hand when the studio wanted to turn the show into something more buffoonish.

She knew we were battling for the millions of kids that would get real-life lessons from this sitcom..… I just remember a lot of laughter and a lot of tears… her regal bright light will be missed….

Reagan Gomez (Zaria Peterson) shared: 

This was our last taping. I’ve been praying this news wasn’t true. Suzzanne, you put this loud, gum poppin girl, straight off the Greyhound bus from Philly, up on so much game. About the business.

About being a Black woman in this business and having to work twice as hard. You were our rock. There was no home without you. Our show…our set, had no soul without you. You were so regal. So kind. So talented. In the truest, old-school sense. I’d watch you rehearse & watch your body movements.

You were graceful like a dancer, even when you were just speaking. Your laugh would light up the room. I’m at such a loss. Like Robert, I didn’t realize how much I learned from you until I got older & out into the world on my own. I’m so grateful you were my tv mom for those five years we were together.

I will never forget our talks. Watching you LOVE & RESPECT this profession made my own love & respect for it grow exponentially. My condolences to your friends and family. Thank you for everything. A Powerhouse you were. You will truly be missed????

Kenn Michael (Michael Peterson) wrote: 

#SuzzanneDouglas — I will always remember her elegance, her poise and her warm kindness. The brilliance you saw on-screen is exactly what you got off-screen. Loving her and sending love to my on-screen siblings & family. We are missing our TV Mom.

Ashli Amari (Cece Peterson) shared: 

Truly heartbroken to hear the news of the passing of my dear tv mommy Suzzanne. She was a phenomenal woman on and off the screen and stage.

A mother to basically a whole generation, an icon, a legend, a force. I remember watching her in action all those years thinking “I want to be just like her when I grow up”. I am blessed to have experienced her love, light, grace, and the warmth of her amazing hugs all those years.

She will be so dearly missed but never ever forgotten for the legacy she leaves behind. Prayers to her friends and family. Love you, mommy Suzzanne, rest peacefully. ????????????????

Tyrone Burton (T.K.) wrote: 

I Will Remember You Suzanne,…Wow..RIP. Thank You For You Love & Concern for me talking to me on the WB Set. I Love You Always my TV Mom. #suzzannedouglas #mrspeterson #theparenthood #tv #show

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Rest in paradise, Suzzanne Douglas.

You are deeply loved and you will be sorely missed.