Drake is continuing to put pressure on his competition, as if the mansion, the jet, and being named Artist of The Decade isn’t enough, he’s now renting out stadiums for dates.

On Thursday, Drake rented out Dodger Stadium, located in Los Angeles, California, to take his boo Johanna Leia on a romantic date.

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The Dodgers baseball team had an away game in Florida against the Marlins, which the Dodgers won 6-1.

Loverboy and the Dodgers were both winners last night!

There is footage that shows Drizzy and Johanna near the dugout on the third-base side of the field, they are sitting at a table adorned with a white table cloth, flowers, and multiple dishes.

View drone footage below:

There was also a personal bartender onsite.

Leia is seen wearing a personalized Dodgers jersey that Drizzy had made for the special date.

If he’s doing all this for a date, he may go to the moon when he’s ready to propose.

It is believed Drizzy met Johanna at one of LeBron James’ son, Bronny James, basketball games.

Johanna’s son is Amari Bailey, the star of the Sierra Canyon High School basketball team, Bronny James is his teammate. Amari has already committed to play college ball for UCLA.

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Drizzy would often attend games to support Bronny, and it appears that support has blossomed into a plus 2.

Time will tell if Drake and Johanna last, but if he keeps taking her on dates like this I’m sure she’s not going anywhere.

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Source: TMZ