Four women were rescued after their rented boat ended up teetering over the edge of a Texas dam with a 36ft drop.

The women got caught in a current that stabilized them on the edge of the dam. They called the owner of the boat for help, but the rescue boat sent to help also got caught in the current.

The rescue boat was able to hold them in place, but it could not pull them to safety.

It became a race against time for dozens of rescue and fire crews to reach the boat because the current flowing over the dam steadily inched them off the edge.

Unbeknownst to the four women, at the time, below the dam was solid concrete.

In the video, the women displayed unbelievable calmness, they appear to be talking to one another but there are no signs of panic.

Eventually a double engine vessel showed up and was able to tie a tow line to the boat and carry it to safety.

See the video below:

Those women must have a strong faith in a higher power.

In essence, their lack of panic saved their lives.

Would you have been able to remain calm in that situation?