Clay Gravesande, AD Smith of 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 (Courtesy of Netflix)

Love Is Blind” Season 6 star Clay Gravesande is talking about his former fiancée AD Smith’s finances in a new interview. 

The convo comes days after Clay’s best friend called AD out on social media for allegedly having a Sugar Daddy.

While chatting with Angela Yee on “Way Up With Yee,” Clay clarified his lack of understanding of AD’s finances wasn’t the sole reason why he didn’t move forward in their marriage.

But, Clay Gravesande went on to share that what AD Smith told him in the pods about her finances didn’t align with her reality once they became a couple. 

Clay told Angela that he and AD vibed off of entrepreneurship, but when they went back to Charlotte, he was on his grind and she solely focused on getting into wifey mode. 

She dedicated all of her time to be a wife and that’s cool and everything, but that’s not what I really fell in love with her about. 

Clay explained that AD reassured him that she had his back, but he said, “To me that’s just not a motivation for me to get married. Because I have a lot of people that got my back.”

Clay and AD wedding on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 (Courtesy of Netflix)

AD Accused Of Having A Sugar Daddy

Clay Gravesande went on to address AD Smith’s ex-boyfriend.

AD’s ex-boyfriend owns a club, where she worked.

In her interview with Kami Crawford, AD Smith revealed that “Love Is Blind” producers scouted her via social media and reached out to her by calling the club.

Her ex-boyfriend deceived producers by falsely claiming they were still together to block AD’s opportunity to join the show.

AD contacted the show to clarify she was single, and the rest is history.

During his interview with Angela Yee, Clay subtly cast doubt on AD’s career in real estate and alluded to her lifestyle being sponsored by her ex.

I thought that she was a real estate agent. I didn’t really see her in that field because she was dedicated to the process and that’s good for her.”

He added, “Because it seemed to me the ex-boyfriend – this is just to me – this may not be true…but, to me it seemed like all the finances came that ex-boyfriend.” 

Clay’s remarks about AD’s ex-boyfriend come on the heels of his best friend calling her out on Instagram for having a “sugar daddy.” 

The close friend, who was one of Clay’s groomsmen on “Love Is Blind,” commented on AD’s interview with Kami, writing:

I’m Clay’s best friend and we both been living out in Charlotte for years now. AD finances are in fact funny. She has a Sugar Daddy that is funding her life. Bought her a car and apartment. She not a Realtor, ask her to show us one house she sold or a picture she took with someone in front of the house she just sold them – I’ll wait. The nerve to do a press run to lie on a dude that has said nothing but kind respectful things about her is nasty work. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Bestie wasn’t done. He also added: 

November 2023 around her birthday her Sugar Daddy confronted Clay and I outside the club stating he was still involved with her and had been the entire time and told Clay to stop messing with her. 

Clay Gravesande doubled down on the ex-boyfriend/Sugar Daddy narrative while chatting with Angela Yee. 

Watch Clay Gravesande’s Chat About AD’s Finances

Clay Gravesande isn’t marrying AD Smith so her finances should no longer be his concern.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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