Clay Gravesande (YouTube), Celina Powell (Instagram)

Clay Gravesande was a guest on the “New Rory & Mal” podcast and he set the record straight regarding Celina Powell.

The “Love Is Blind” Season 6 star solidified his campaign for 2024 F— Boi of the Year when he popped out Celina on Instagram and TikTok.

Clay shared how his dating life was impacted after “Love Is Blind.”

When the end of the show happened, I’mma be honest, I wasn’t getting a lot of good women reaching out to me after the show.

They were mad at me.

I really was only getting a certain type of women reaching out to me. 

Then, along came Celina Powell, who set social media ablaze when she posted a video of herself in bed kissing Clay.

Clay went on to detail how he linked up with Celina.

I only met Celina once…literally…on Friday, I met Celina.

That was the first time I ever met Celina.

So, me and Celina been talking in DMs.

Like…she cool, bro.

I didn’t really know too much about her like that.

I only saw the Meech thing. Now, I know. 

Rory pressed Clay about Celina Powell’s Carfax Report and why he would deal with her knowing her reputation.

Clay Gravesande admitted, “I ain’t going to lie to you, bro. I kinda like promiscuous women. So, I don’t be tripping about that.” 

He also went on record saying, “I didn’t pipe, bro. We did TikToks.”

Celina is actually a cool a— person, bro.

We was having conversations.

We was kinda talking about…just like how to turn everything around and she was having conversations with me about the industry and what to expect.

She came from a perspective of really just kinda looking out.

So, basically…Clay is saying he and Celina hooked up to chase clout together

Clay Gravesande also glazed over his trip to Belize with adult film star Willow Ryder. 

Clay Gravesande and Willow Ryder in Belize (TikTok)

He told Rory and Mal:

I went to Belize with another female, actually.

I came back and I was going to actually shoot some [TikTok] content with Celina – it was really kinda innocent, bro. 

Celina definitely is somebody who wants to be married, wants to have babies, but I’mma be honest, bro.

I definitely was saying, ‘Eh, I ain’t your guy for that.’

Clay also admitted, “I didn’t really know the power of Celina and her toxicity…I got caught up in the storm.”

Rory pointed out to Clay that he was being used for clout and attention. 

He responded, “I was being used. Oh, yeah! She got me!  She won! 100 percent!

Clay Gravesande added: 

In the grand scheme of things people thinking that I am dating her – I’m not!

People think that I piped…I didn’t! I f— up with being on scene with her.

I think people were mad that I’m close to her, but in terms of what I actually did – I did a couple of TikToks! 

Well, those couple of TikToks resulted in Clay’s mother, Margarita Gravesande, calling him out publicly via social media. 

Celina Powell also blasted Clay for his lil getaway to Belize with Willow Ryder. 

She posted a photo of Clay gripping Willow’s neck along with the caption: 

Someone tell that old lady what her son rlly doing.

Y’all leave me alone now 🙏🏼

He genuinely is his daddy son tuhh.

See her post below.


Celina then posted a photo of AD with the caption, “God definitely saved you sis, he’s the problem. 🤍

See the post below.


That’s a lot of venom from someone who was only making TikTok’s with you, Clay.

When asked about AD Smith’s reaction to all of his tomfoolery…Clay said that they haven’t really talked since the wedding episode.

During his appearance on the “New Rory & Mal” podcast, Clay acknowledged he is a flawd individual, he is still in therapy, and he has an addiction to women, lust, and sex.

But, we are supposed to believe nothing happened with Celina Powell, who is down for whatever?

Watch a clip of the podcast below.

Clay Gravesande’s recent actions have been so trash that his former publicist, Jahylin McKee released a statement via social media confirming her partnership with him has ended.

Sis said…her name is Bennett and she ain’t innit!

See her post below.


Ironically, Jahylin deleted her statement after she got dragged on social media for being a hypocrite!

Hopefully, Clay Gravesande will get his act together before he embarrasses himself and his mother any further.

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