Clay and AD wedding on 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 (Courtesy of Netflix)

This post contains spoilers – Netflix released the “Love Is Blind” Season 6 finale and fans of the show are gagging over Clay and AD’s wedding.

Clay And AD

Courtesy of Netflix

Amber Desiree Smith, who goes by the nickname, AD, is a 33-year-old real estate broker. She’s originally from Boston but now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Clay Gravesande is a 31-year-old entrepreneur who also works in enterprise sales. He came into the pods because he didn’t want to be a playa no more – like Joe. 

Clay and AD had an immediate connection and colorful banter in the pods, but his red flags were flagging. 

So, AD took a step back and began to explore a connection with Matthew.

When Mathew was outed for making the same promises of love to AD and another woman in the pods, he left the show and AD ran back to Clay.

Despite his multiple red flags and baggage from his parent’s divorce, AD was all in with Clay in the pods.

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Courtesy of Netflix

He ultimately proposed and their journey to the altar began. 

Leading up to their wedding, Clay offered Blues Clues indicating he was not ready to get married and AD was Ray Charles to his BS.

Courtesy of Netflix

Clay And AD’s Wedding Day

Courtesy of Netflix

On their wedding day, Clay and AD exchanged beautiful words at the altar about how much they loved one another. 

Clay acknowledged that AD had played a significant role in shaping him into a better man. 

However, when the moment arrived to commit to a lifelong partnership by saying, “I do,” Clay confessed that he wasn’t prepared, leaving AD devastated.

Courtesy of Netflix

Social Media Reacts 

The streets of Twitter are buzzing as folks have taken to their timelines to react to Clay and AD’s wedding day on “Love Is Blind” Season 6. 

Read 21 totally accurate tweets below. 

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Reunion

The “Love Is Blind” Season 6 Reunion is going down on Wednesday, March 13 at 9 pm EST on Netflix.

Watch the announcement video below.

Were you shocked by Clay’s decision at the altar?

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