Claudia Jordan (Courtesy of Fox Soul)

On a recent episode of Fox Soul’s “Tea-G-I-F,” Claudia Jordan made some pretty shocking (and absurd) remarks concerning Al B. Sure’s coma.

The model, actress, radio and TV personality recapped Al B.’s open letter to his son, Quincy Brown, and the remarks he made while insinuating Sean “Diddy” Combs may have had something to do with his 2022 coma. 

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Claudia Jordan repeated online conspiracies regarding Uptown Records before she stated, “Al B. Sure was supposedly working on this [book] before and then went into a coma.”

I remember this. Al B. Sure is a friend of mine. We used to work out together in L.A. I know him.

Right before this coma, y’all.

He was training for those celebrity boxing matches and then falls into this coma.

Then, Claudia went off the deep end saying:

And he almost died. Like, they said when they opened up his insides and did the surgery…it was liquefied. 

Watch the clip below.

The human body liquifies in Stage 3 of post-mortem decay. 

Following his coma, Al B. Sure shared that he underwent multiple surgeries including repairing a hematoma and hernia, lymph node removal, and an organ transplant.

He also suffered from fungal pneumonia, became septic, was placed on dialysis, received multiple blood transfusions, had a bowel blockage, and was ultimately intubated and placed on a ventilator because his oxygen levels had dropped down to 20 percent. 

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Before his coma, Al B. Sure underwent bariatric surgery for weight loss. 

However, severe complications from the surgery include low blood sugar, malnutrition, ulcers, bowel obstruction, hernias, internal bleeding, and spleen or other organ injury.

I’m glad Al B. Sure is back on the mend, however, Claudia Jordan has a responsibility to be mindful of the information she shares on such a huge platform. 

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