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Kurtis Blow is recovering after undergoing a successful heart transplant.

The Hip Hop legend, real name Kurtis Walker, had the major surgery on Sunday, December 6, according to a report from the Washington Informer.

Kurtis’s wife, Shirley Walker, shared:

We give all glory to God for the perfect heart and transplant. He is out of surgery. Keep the prayers and praises up. God does all things well.

Kurtis Blow has had a history of heart ailments. You may recall he suffered a heart attack in 2016 during a dispute with his son and credited three LAPD officers with saving his life.

In 2019, Kurtis underwent heart surgery to repair an aortic artery.

He ended up being rushed back onto the operating table for a second procedure.

Please join us in sending up prayers for Kurtis Blow to have a speedy and full recovery.

Source: Washington Informer