Al B. Sure medically induced coma - hospice

Al B. Sure is grateful to be alive. Days after we learned he was hospitalized in a medically-induced coma for two months, the R&B legend revealed his condition was so bad that doctors wanted to place him in hospice.

The 54-year-old singer-turned-radio host, born Albert Joseph Brown, said he attended a lunch meeting in mid-July.

Following the meeting, he returned to the studio to continue working on his upcoming project.

Al B. Sure said when he sat in front of the computer, he began to lose feeling in the entire left side of his body and he fell over.

Thank God his phone was within arm’s reach and he was able to call for assistance.

Al recalled being in the emergency room with his friend, DJ Eddie F by his side, who was speaking with a security guard.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in October.

“It was October when I was made fully aware of what had transpired and able to start to comprehend it all,” he wrote.

During his hospitalization, Al B. Sure underwent multiple surgeries including repairing a hematoma and hernia, lymph node removal, and an organ transplant.

He also suffered from fungal pneumonia, became septic, was placed on dialysis, received multiple blood transfusions, had a bowel blockage, and was ultimately intubated and placed on a ventilator because his oxygen levels had dropped down to 20 percent. 

Al B. Sure credited Rev. Al Sharpton, DJ Eddie F, and others for fighting against him being placed in hospice. 

He wrote, “Thank God I’m alive, alert, gradually healing and forever grateful for my time being extended here on God’s green earth ••• I’m maintaining a positive mindset throughout this healing process.”

Understandably, Al has admitted that this entire experience has shaken him to the core. 

“To be completely transparent, everything I’ve gone through self perpetuated or otherwise has shaken me to the core but my faith and believe in #TheMostHigh has put me in check for a greater life plan moving forward with what Our Creator has in store. It has been ordained that I thrive within this second chance gift of life.”

See all of Al B. Sure’s posts below along with the details of his medical journey. 

Please be advised that some of the images show Al incapacitated.

There are also videos of medical scars and procedures that may be graphic in nature.

God is good all the time. 

Sending love, light, and prayers of healing to Al B. Sure. 

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