There is a rift between Claudia Jordan and her former Fox Soul “TEA-G-I-F” co-host Funky Dineva, but she says it’s one-sided.

On January 2, Dineva, whose real name is Quentin Latham, took to YouTube to announce he had decided not to renew his contract with Fox Soul and would no longer be on the show. 

Funky Dineva cited more work hours for the amount of same pay as his reason for departure and noted that he could make an equivalent salary doing what he does best – making YouTube content.

He also added that Taraji P. Henson speaking out about pay inequality influenced his decision to leave the show. 

Dineva wished Claudia and Al Reynolds (who recently made headlines over his Nia Long remarks) well and everything seemed to be strictly a business decision.

But, a week later, things took a turn and Funky Dineva began going live on YouTube every night at the same time that “TEA-G-I-F” airs as if he was shadily competing with them.

Things became even more interesting when trans comedian Flame Monroe, who has been very vocal about her issues with Funky Dineva, was invited to be a guest host on “TEA-G-I-F.”


During his YouTube livestream on Wednesday, Funky Dineva addressed Flame while calling out Claudia Jordan.

I had no issue with you, Flame. You were just a pawn in a bigger game.

And I realized part of the confusion, and maybe Flame is confused…my issue, Flame…my issue, world…is not with Flame Monroe.

My issue is with Claudia Jordan. We got it out there now. My issue is with Claudia Jordan!

Flame, you were just a pawn in Claudia’s game. It’s out there now.

I’m going to reserve why I have an issue with Claudia Jordan – just in case somebody wanna get froggy.

I’mma leave that one in the chamber.

Cause that one is a semi-automatic weapon that’s gone spray up everybody and everything if I unload that clip!

But, for the record, my issue is not with Flame. My issue is with Claudia Jordan.

Watch the clip below.

Claudia Jordan took to her Instagram Live to share that Funky Dineva’s beef with her is one-sided. 

He’s fighting with me, I’m not fighting with him and I’m going to leave it at that.

I wanted him on the show. Loved him on the show. He’s a talent. Didn’t tell me that he was leaving.

Didn’t have any conversations with me about his issues with the contract.

I was the last one to find out. So, when I found out we had to scramble and just grab people to get on the show.

That is that.

We set up a very classy goodbye to him on the show. He posted it. He has since deleted it.

And he’s calling me b— and all kind of names on his live.

So, I blocked him because I have to protect my peace. And that’s that.

I’m not arguing with people in this 2024. I’m not doing it. 

Claudia Jordan also addressed having Flame Monroe as a guest. 

The Flame choice was not a dig. I didn’t know how deep their issue was.

There’s a lot of people he don’t like. 

She added:

When you have someone that you work with for three years that you actually had love for and they don’t even tell what they’re planning to do…it goes down – there’s nothing you can do because they didn’t include you in their decision.

And everyone wants to blame somebody because everyone’s mad. We’re all mad. We’re all sad about it. And you gotta take the L…

Watch the clip below. 

Hopefully, this situation doesn’t escalate further than it already has because it does have the potential to get extremely ugly if my Spidey Senses are correct.

You may recall that Claudia Jordan took to Instagram and shared that she knew who Christian Keyes’ alleged predator was because he shared it with her.

Days later, Funky Dineva, who was still friends with Claudia and co-host of “TEA-G-I-F,” released a YouTube video where he called out Christian for a possible “money grab.” 

In that same video, Dineva said he knows who the alleged predator is – leaving many to assume Claudia gave him the tea.

Two weeks after releasing the video about Christian, Funky Dineva left “TEA-G-I-F.”

Now, he’s threatening that he has a “semi-automatic weapon that’s gone spray up everybody and everything” if he releases it.

What could be more explosive than that?

Hopefully, Funky Dineva and Claudia Jordan will mend their friendship or at least call a truce before 2024 truly implodes.

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