Martell Holt via Twitter and Madison County Sheriff's Office

(Update: January 11, 2024) Martell Holt is addressing his recent arrest in a statement through his rep, Jonell Whitt

The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star was arrested in Madison County, Alabama on Tuesday and was charged with domestic violence in connection to allegedly sending harassing text messages back in August 2022.

In the statement, Martell “adamantly denies any intentional harm or harassment towards the accuser.” 

The identity of the accuser has not been confirmed.

Read the full statement below. 

We would like to issue an official statement regarding the recent allegations against Martell Holt concerning harassment text messages to his accuser, dating back to August 2022.

It is with great concern that we address these accusations.

Martell Holt adamantly denies any intentional harm or harassment towards the Accuser.

We believe that these allegations are the result of a misunderstanding, and we are confident that the legal process will ultimately vindicate Mr. Holt.

Martell remains committed to being a devoted father and maintaining a positive and healthy co-parenting relationship with Ms. Rodgers and Ms. Curry for the well-being of their children.

Despite the challenges presented, Martell will continue to focus on his role as a responsible parent and contribute positively to his community.

We urge the public and media to approach this matter with fairness and sensitivity, considering the impact such allegations can have on individuals and their families.

We are confident that, as the legal proceedings unfold, the truth will emerge, and Martell Holt will be exonerated.

We appreciate your understanding and respect for Martell’s privacy during this challenging time.

Further updates will be provided through official channels.

Read the original post below. 

(January 9, 2024) Martell Holt was arrested on Tuesday in Alabama and the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star is facing charges of 3rd-degree domestic violence. 

The Huntsville Police Department, who arrested Martell in Madison County around 4 p.m., said he was taken into custody on a warrant. 

Martell Holt’s domestic violence charge is a result of him allegedly sending harassing communications. 

He was released a few hours later around 7 p.m.

Details about who Martell was “harassing” have not been disclosed, but social media wants answers!

I will update this post as soon as more information becomes available in connection to Martell Holt’s arrest. 

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