Cher on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' (Instagram)

Cher opened up about why you can always catch her flaunting a tenderoni on her arm. 

During a conversation with Jennifer Hudson, the iconic singer and actress revealed that she turned down dating Elvis.

She then went on to explain how men her age or older were often intimidated by her and 

The reason I go out with young men is because men my age or older…now they’re all dead…

But, before they just never – they were always terrified to approach me.

And young men were the only ones…

Jennifer Hudson added, “They’re bold.” 

Cher responded, “Yeah. They were raised by women like me.”

Watch the clip below.

In case you missed it, Cher is currently dating Amber Rose’s baby’s father, Alexander Edwards

Cher’s Fiancé Alexander Edwards Pressed About Wedding Plans
Cher and Alexander Edwards (A.E.)

They have been going strong since November 2022. 

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