Cher’s Fiancé Alexander Edwards Pressed About Wedding Plans
Cher and Alexander Edwards (A.E.)

Cher’s fiancé, Alexander Edwards, was recently pressed on the streets of Beverly Hills about their future wedding plans.

Reportedly, Alexander proposed to Cher around the Christmas holiday.

Their 40-year age difference raised the eyebrows of many skeptics.

Cher is 76, and Alexander is 36. 

Cher’s two sons, Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman are much older than Alexander.

Chaz is 54, and Elijah is 46.

Despite their age difference, Cher and Alexander are very happy and in love.

Alexander had an impromptu interview on the street of Beverly Hills on Wednesday (March 8), where he was asked numerous questions about his wedding plans and his relationship with Cher.

Scoop the Q&A below:

What is it about Cher that made you fall in love with her?

-Just Cher being Cher.

What are the benefits of dating an older woman?

-That’s private, you know, I’m a gentleman.

Did you get Chaz’s permission before you proposed?

-Chaz is my guy!… Shout out Chaz!… And Elijah… Chaz and Elijah, them my guys.

Do you think Chaz will walk Cher down the aisle when you get married?

-I’m just chilling right now. I’m just having lunch with my guy, you know what I’m saying, so…

Where is Cher’s perfect dream location for a wedding?

-You got to wait and see.

Where do you want to see her walking down the aisle?

-It would be cool if she was walking down this aisle right now.

Do you think you and Cher might have kids together?

-You know, right now I’m just focused on Slash, you know, my son, and his brother Sebastian.

Is she a good step-mom to your kids?

-She’s amazing.

What’s the best mothering quality about her?

-It’s just Cher being Cher.

Watch the interview below:

Alexander’s son with Amber Rose, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, is four years old.

Reportedly, Cher met Alexander, who is a music executive, in the fall of 2022 at Paris Fashion Week.

Cher said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”:

On paper, it’s kind of ridiculous, but in real life, we get along great.

Watch the clip from the Cher interview from “The Kelly Clarkson Show” below:

We wish Cher and Alexander the best.

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Source: TMZ

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