T’Challa, you good? Chadwick Boseman has fans concerned about his health after he appeared to be much thinner and gaunt in a video he posted on social media.

The Black Panther star shared a video on IG TV where he announced he would be donating $4.2 million dollars worth of personal protective equipment to hospitals that service the black community in honor of Jackie Robinson Day.

You may recall, the 42-year-old actor portrayed the barrier-breaking first African-American player in Major League Baseball in the 2013 film, 42.

Chadwick wrote:

Operation 42

I am hearing stories of desperation from people all over the country, and we know our communities are suffering the most and urgently need help. Celebrating #JackieRobinsonDay with the launch of Thomas Tull’s #Operation42, a donation of 4.2 million dollars in personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals that service the African American Communities who have been hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you, Jackie, for refusing to accept the world as it is, for showing us that we can make a difference.

See the original post below:

Rather than focusing on Chadwick’s great gesture in honor of a great man, many were distracted and taken aback by his appearance.

The comment section began filling up with questions about his weight and concerns about the actor’s health.

One commenter wrote:

Im no doctor however I have experienced a drastic weight loss due to depression. grandfather passed on my bday and never grieved properly. Holding in many feelings, being jobless and turned to dance for relief but wasnt eating. At 6’0 i dropped to 129lbs. Friends said the similar things ” you ok ? U lost weight ” in fact i didnt even realize it. Maybe its the same for him he cant see it cuz he could be caught in whatever is weighing on him. I say all that to say many things could be contributing to this weightloss and is a gradual process the person may not realize the change. I hope its something of that nature as he is a celebrity who holds the hopes of millions of people. He is human that kinda pressure is not a normal thing to handle! I bounced back and currently at 185lbs stress, pressure, anxiety etc are more deadly than ppl realize! If its not for a role and is because of something serious i hope regardless for his ultimate bounce back!! #BOSEMANBOUNCE

Another fan wrote:

Ugh I hate the internet. Ppl in these comments so focused on his appearance and not the fact he has helped raise money for much needed medical supplies for our community. Smh.

Questions and concerns rolled over into the streets of Twitter as well.

Peep a few tweets below:

In his 2018 interview with Mr. Porter, Chadwick Boseman stated he was “mostly vegan and an avid juicer.”

He was not vegan while filming Black Panther, his most notable role to date.

Rather than question him or shame him for his appearance – simply say a prayer for him.

I’m sure he’d appreciate that more than the criticism. ?