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R. Kelly is still trying to get released from prison.

Attorneys for the disgraced singer have renewed their request for him to be released after six inmates at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center have tested positive for COVID-19.

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly denied R. Kelly’s first request last week, citing he is a potential flight risk.

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In their new filing, Kellz’s attorney, Michael I. Leonard, says he and the other inmates are experiencing “tremendous stress and anxiety” due to the situation.

The attorney also offered to have R. Kelly wear an ankle monitor and noted that he’s so well-known he couldn’t try to flee.

Inmates are reportedly banging on doors, walls, and windows begging for help.

The only thing the MCC has done is lock things down, making conditions feel more like solitary confinement; and possibly, because of the nature of this virus, locking in healthy inmates with those who already have the virus but who may not yet be symptomatic.

Based on all of the above, that Mr. Kelly will be infected with this deadly disease, is now unfortunately an absolute probability.

[R. Kelly] would be perhaps the most obvious and recognizable person on the streets of Chicago, or anywhere else in the country, in light of the severe stay-at-home restrictions that are and will continue to be in place and enforced.

What are your thoughts on this? Should R. Kelly receive preferential treatment and be released?

Source: Variety