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Cam Newton Jumped…What Happened?

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Cam Newton is trending in the streets of Twitter after the former Carolina Panthers QB was jumped by multiple men at a 7-on-7 football game in Atlanta on Sunday (Feb 25).

The event, organized by We Ball Sports, brought youth football teams in Georgia and Alabama together for a competitive tournament. 

Cam’s C1N program was a participant.

Viral videos show two coaches from TopShelf Performance approaching Cam Newton under the We Ball Sports tent.

At some point, the former NFL star was grabbed and Cam instinctively went into defense mode and handled his business.

See the video of the altercation below.

According to Nehemiah Mitchell, the co-founder of We Ball Sports, TopShelf Performance beat C1N in a “heated game” that accompanied a lot of trash talk on Saturday.

Below is a clip of one of Cam’s alleged attackers yapping below.

Clearly, tensions boiled over on Sunday. 

Following the altercation, all parties involved, including Cam, had to leave the event.

Social Media Reactions

Cam Newton has been trending on Twitter as people react to the FAFO moment with the former NFL MVP.

Robert Griffin III tweeted: 

Cam Newton led Auburn to a Natty with 1 O-lineman that started an NFL game and no one else recording a NFL reception, rush attempt or pass attempt.

He’s used to being a one man army, so you are delulu if you thought some guys jumping him was gonna phase him.

Hat didn’t even move.

RGIII added:

In all seriousness, I HATE seeing this. Cam Newton nor anyone should ever be disrespected in this way.

How can we rise, do better for our communities and change the narrative when we are attacking each other like this?

Turning a 7 on 7 tournament into a brawl and people leave with the wrong impression of an event meant to bring people together for fun and competition.

We have to be better than this. We are better than this.

Read more tweets below. 

Mase & Cam’ron Weigh In 

Mase and Cam’ron weighed in on the Cam Newton altercation on their “It Is What It Is” podcast. 

See what the fellas had to say below. 

Shannon Sharpe & Ochocinco Applaud Cam Newton

Shannon Sharpe and Ochocinco applauded Cam Newton on their “Nightcap” show for how he handled himself very well after a history of being disrespected at football camps aimed at helping youth.

C1N Wins The Tournament

Despite the unnecessary attack on Cam Newton and the altercation that ensued, his team, C1N Red, won the inaugural Atlanta 7V7 15U Championship!


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