Jay Pharoah Gets Emotional From Surprise Message From His Sister

Comedian Jay Pharoah’s eyes started sweating on the “Tamron Hall Show” after he heard a surprise message from his sister Shaina Farrow, who has managed him for the past 16 years.

Tamron Hall sprung the surprise message on Jay after he talked about taking the role of Cecil Holmes in the movie Spinning Gold.

In the film, Cecil is Neil Bogart’s ride-or-die friend.

Jay said having a ride-or-die friend in a film meant a lot to him because, in his personal life, he doesn’t have many friends, and as a child, he was bullied.

Tamron interjected and said she knows one person on his ride-or-die list, and Jay confirmed that his sister Shaina was absolutely on his list.

Jay said Shaina is so sweet, and she’s grooming his nephew to take over Hollywood when he gets older.

He also shared that Shania was his protector and she encouraged him to use his comedy as a weapon against his bullies.

Jay Pharoah's quote about being bullied.

Before he knew it Tamron pulled Shaina up on a screen with the following message:

Hey!… I just want to say congratulations! 

You all know him as Jay he will always be Jared to me.

When we started this journey years and years ago it was not even a question whether or not I was going to support you and hope your dreams come true. 

And I am so proud of how you’ve grown and how you continue to move in the way that you want to move and advocate for the things you want.

I know that you have a relationship with the Lord, keep that as tight as possible and there is nothing that you can’t do.

And I cain’t wait to see how far you’ll go.

I love you, congratulations! Let’s make this movie number one!

Jay was filled with emotion after hearing his sister’s message, and as the audience started to aww, his tear duct levees broke.

Watch the clip of the Jay Pharoah interview from the “Tamron Hall Show” below:

Watch the trailer for Jay’s upcoming movie Spinning Gold below:

Support Jay Pharoah in Spinning Gold at the theaters on March 31.

Shout out to Shaina and Jay’s beautiful brother/sister love and bond. We wish them both all the best.

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