Pilar Sanders - Shedeur Sanders

Pilar Sanders took to her TikTok account to react to Charleston White’s remarks about her son Shedeur Sanders

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White is a 53-year-old Texas native, who has garnered attention as a controversial internet personality and a deplorable troll. 

In short, Charleston doesn’t care what he says about anyone. 

However, he does have an audience who credits him for telling the unadulterated truth and saying what people are thinking, but are afraid to say out loud.

Charleston’s most recent remarks about Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders’ son, Shedeur Sanders, who plays quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes, is cause for concern.

While sharing his disdain for Coach Prime, Charleston said: 

I damn near want to put $20,000 up on any college player that will hurt his son, that MF quarterback MF. Yeah, that slow MF ain’t going nowhere.

Watch the full clip below.

Pilar Sanders Reacts To Charleston White’s Remarks About Shedeur

Pilar caught wind of the video and took to her TikTok to express her outrage over a potential “hit” being placed on her son.

In the clip, she says, “So, this grown a** little guy wants to put a hit out on my son?! On my son?! Charleston White – let it be known – you putting a hit out on my son?!”

Watch the clip below. 

Charleston White is an awful human being. 

Coach Prime and Pilar should consider this a threat and alert the proper authorities.

Where’s Erykah Badu when you need her to summon the universe?

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