In a candid convo with “The Art of Dialogue,” Bow Wow opened up about collapsing and being hospitalized at the height of his lean addiction.


The rapper and actor, whose real name is Shad Moss, dates his consumption of lean back to 2007 when he and Omarion released their joint album, Face Off

I was on lean.

I was sipping so much syrup, bruh.

I said this too, right after Mac Miller had died, I spoke on this.

I was drinking that s— like crazy!

Bow Wow recalled co-headlining a tour with Chris Brown and collapsing backstage. 

I’ll never forget me and Chris – we were on our tour. I was co-headlining with Brown.

The opening night was in Cincinnati.

When I got off the stage, I collapsed and I was like ‘What the f—!?’

And I went straight to Cincinnati University Hospital.

I’m talking about my stomach was so f—d up that I ended up going back home to Atlanta after the first show. 

Bow Wow also talked about going through the withdrawal process.

And when I get back home the s— gets worse. Like I’m throwing up, I’m f—g shivering in the bed, I’m sweating, I’m going through it.

I go to the hospital again. 

I pull up to the Gwinnett Hospital, here in Atlanta, with like two hoodies on and sweats.

You know how hot it get in Atlanta? Hot as a MF, hot as s—! I’m f—g freezing, bro! I’m cold as f—!

And what happened…I didn’t know that I was having withdrawals.

That’s how much lean we were consuming. 

Watch below as Bow Wow shares his story of lean addiction.

I’m glad Bow Wow was able to shake his addiction before it was too late. 

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