Drake Gives Bow Wow His Flowers At Atlanta Show

Drake had Bow Wow walk him out last night (September 26) on the last night of the It’s All A Blur Tour in Atlanta, and he gave Bow Wow his flowers onstage.

He’s somebody I wanted to be like when I was growing up.

So shout out to Bow Wizzle for walking me to the stage. Shout out to Bow.

Drake also expressed his love for the city and shared that his first paid performance took place at a venue called The Loft in Atlanta.

Also, my boy today, he had sent me… he sent me the run of show from one of my first real shows ever, from one of my first paid gigs.

And it was right here in Atlanta at a place called The Loft.

That was one of my first shows, when anybody ever paid me no money to perform for them.

So, I want to let you know Atlanta, you’ve been showing a lot of love and supporting me for a long, long time.

I came for the big payback tonight, I want to give it all back to you tonight…

Watch below as Drake shows Bow Wow love in Atlanta.


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The It’s All A Blur Tour is now headed to Miami for its September 28 and 29 show dates.

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