Ciara is kicking off the weekend with the release of the remix of her banger, “How We Roll,” featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

CiCi was gushing with excitement as she shared a behind-the-scenes video of her promo shoot with Weezy.

With a huge smile on her face she said, “Alright, guys looks like we made it happen!” 

See her original post below. 

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Lyrically, you know Lil Wayne is going to show up and show out.

On the remix, he raps:

That's how we roll with it

And when she give me my flowers, I stick my nose in it

It just be me and lil' mama, we don't need no witness

And I hit it like a model 'cause I'ma pose in it

We get our roll on, we don't need no phones

We be in our zone, we call it ozone

Her tongue a rose petal, I can't feel no thorns

Shе roll my la-la, I smoke the whole song

Shе get her mind blown, she get her doors blown

She say my third leg feel like my forearm

Since I'm a pothead, she leave her stove on

She give me fire head, it keep my soul warm

Check out the official lyric video for Ciara’s “How We Roll” remix featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne below. 

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