On a recent episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Krystal and Rok decided to show their love for each other by tattooing the first letter of their name on each other simultaneously.

Krystal and Rok came to the realization in this episode that they truly love each other and their differing personalities provide balance to their relationship.

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In the video clip, Rok tells Krystal he wants to get her name tattooed on him, and Krystal comes up with the idea of them tattooing each other at the same time.

The visual of them tattooing each other is somewhat romantic because it’s a representation of the love they have for each other produced by the passion they both have for the art form of tattooing.

Watch the video clip below:

I am happy for Rok because he has been through a lot in his life, and Krystal seems to be a good woman for him that will have his back.

He’s definitely in a better place with Krystal than he was with his ex-girlfriend from nearly two years ago. She appeared on an episode from 2019 and she came with a lot of drama.

Watch the video below:

We wish Krystal and Roc well in their relationship and the way Rok has been repeatedly calling her “the one” we may see a Black Ink wedding soon.

Your thoughts?