Ceaser informed Teddy and Puma that he’s headed to Colombia to support Suzette’s silicone removal surgery on season 9 episode 16 of “Black Ink Crew.”

In the episode, Suzette revealed to Ceaser that she’s experiencing complications from the illegal butt injections that she got in 2014. 

She said she consented to hydrogel injections, but her lab work showed that she had silicone in her bloodstream.

An MRI revealed that the silicone had deeply migrated into her tissue causing her to have health issues.

According to Suzette, doctors in the U.S. are not good at silicone removal surgery. 

So she wants Ceaser to accompany her to Colombia for a minimum of 45 days to support her while she has surgery to remove the silicone from her body.

Ceaser decides to put his drama with not being able to have any contact with his daughter aside to support Suzette’s surgery.

And he drops the news on Black Ink Crew management, Teddy and Puma, at Spyder’s masquerade party.

Watch the video below:

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