50 Cent Says He Thinks Jay-Z Still Harbors Some Energy Toward Him

During a recent interview, 50 Cent revealed that he feels Jay-Z still harbors some energy toward him because of how things played out concerning his Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.

50 Cent said he talked to Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, about performing before the Super Bowl Halftime show commercial came out, but he was left off the ad because he was told that the NFL had some issues with him.

He said he reached out to see what the complications were that the NFL had with him, but nobody had information about it, and it only came from Jay-Z’s camp, so he had to believe they were still harboring some energy.

50 said he heard from N.O.R.E., who had communications with Jay-Z, that Eminem said he would not do the halftime performance without 50.

According to 50, Eminem was looking at the performance from a cultural perspective, and he was focused on having the key members of Shady Aftermath perform together.

50 being 50 threw in a jab at Jay-Z saying that he wants to look like a “gay painter”…referring to his adoration for Jean-Michel Basquiat.

And I’m like… That’s when I start saying crazy stuff B because I look and I go, ‘Oh,  ah that’s your big homie, right?…

So you image yourself after a gay painter…

Big homie wants to look like a gay painter…

We talking about Basquiat, he wants to look like a gay painter.

When asked if he ever questioned Jay-Z about the Super Bowl situation, 50 responded with a smile, “We don’t need to talk about nothing.”

Later in the interview, 50 Cent revealed that he plans to turn Eminem’s 8 Mile movie into a TV series.

Watch the clip of the 50 Cent interview from BigBoyTV below:

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