Mike Epps: ‘I Got So Many Kids Now I Just Ride Through The Hood & Wave’

Mike Epps recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and joked about how many kids he has.

After a terrible segue, Jimmy Kimmel asked the comedian and actor how his kids were doing.

Mike responded:

I got so many kids now I just ride through the hood and wave. 

I can’t even stop.

Shout out to all my beautiful kids out there… I got six daughters.

Yeah so, I ain’t going to the nursing home…

Just how many kids does Mike Epps have?

Mike has four daughters, Madison, Moriah, Makayla, and Bria, from previous relationships and he’s also a proud papa to daughter, Indiana Rose, and son, Mike Jr., with his wife, Kyra Epps.


During the interview, Mike Epps also revealed that he brought the idea of “The Upshaws” show to Wanda Sykes.

You know what, actually I called Wanda with the idea, and I couldn’t get her on the phone at first for a long time.

Then I finally got in touch with her and I shot her the idea, and she said, ‘Well okay, let me think about it.’

Because she had to think about if she wanted to be in business with me first, but she end up calling me back.

Man, we took it to Netflix. Netflix loved it. Man, we in our third season right now.

God is good, man.

At the end of the interview, Mike Epps promoted his comedy tour, “Straight Jokes No Chaser,” featuring Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Earthquake, and DC Young Fly.

The tour begins on March 4 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Watch the clip of the Mike Epps interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below:

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