Coi Leray - Eminem

Coi Leray was asked on “My Expert Opinion” podcast if she would do a song with Eminem, and she said only if her dad, Benzino, approved it.

No, hell no!… Unless I got my father’s blessing.

Like, I would sit down with my father, first of all, and bring it up to him.

I wouldn’t even ask him. I’d be like, ‘Yo!… Listen, this is what happened’… I’m not even expecting an answer I just need to tell you right away because this don’t… you feel me?

Like, I”m coming… Even if, me and my father could not be speaking for f***ing years, if that was to happen… I’d be like, ‘Alright, hold on, let me just… tell you this! Let me bring it to your attention!’

And, um, hopefully, he’ll be like, ‘Yo, you know what… Do, yeah, like… I’m passed the past, you know what I mean?…

Like, ‘What I went through, I’m grateful for who I am. I’m grateful for what it made me, and you know I love you, and I support you, and I support anything you want to do.

And if this is going to, you know… If this is positive, this is going to better you in anyway, then I’m for that.’

I’ll do it!… That, on those circumstances…

Benzino is a rapper, producer, television personality, and business owner.

In a 2022 tweet, he announced his 20-year beef with Eminem was “officially over.”

Rumor has it that the beef started in the early 2000s when Benzino leaked audio of a teenage Eminem using the N-word in his rhymes after a bad breakup with an African-American woman.

The leak backfired and caused negative press for The Source magazine, which Benzino was a co-owner of. He was terminated from the company in 2006.

Benzino later confessed in an interview that he bought the recordings for $15k from a guy who later took his own life from the backlash.

Earlier in the interview, Coi admitted that she talked to her dad very disrespectfully in the past, but she learned she wasn’t going to get what she needed from him with that approach.

They appear to be in a much better space these days.

Watch the clip of the Coi Leray interview from the “My Expert Opinion” podcast below:

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