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Coi Leray revealed in a recent interview with Angie Martinez that she believes her dad, Benzino, was envious of her success.

You know at first, it was rocky because I felt like he couldn’t handle my success. I felt like it did come from an envious place. Which is okay because he’s human and it’s fine.

Coi went on to explain that her father feels like he’s one of those people who feels like he still has a story to tell. 

Apparently, Coi Leray was right because her dad took to Instagram to sound off calling the notion of him being jealous of his daughter the “most ridiculous s— I’ve heard in my entire life on this earth.”

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Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, has had success as a rapper, co-owner of The Source magazine, and in the last decade he found his “second wind” on reality TV (“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” “Marriage Boot Camp“.

But, there is an undeniable chip on his shoulder because he feels he was never given the credit or revered for his contribution to Hip Hop.

In the post on his Instagram page, Benzino said it is “embarrassing and sad” how Coi Leray dogs her parents. 

He also noted that Angie Martinez, who doesn’t like him, was being manipulative and messy for even asking Coi if her dad was envious of her career. 

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Read Benzino’s full post below. 

This has to be the most ridiculous 💩 I’ve heard in my entire life on this earth.


This industry and the internet have completely messed up the minds of this young generation. I’m tired of her pushing a false narrative about who I am and what I’ve done as a father.

In my 40 years in hip hop I’ve never ever seen an artist DOG their parents out the was Coi does and it’s embarrassing and sad…and one last thing, @angiemartinez knows she doesn’t like me so she’s just being manipulative and messy.

They want me crash out but I’ve worked on myself so hard that I ain’t going backwards for ANYTHING, but what I won’t do is allow ANYONE to slander my name and push a false narrative on my reputation and who I am.

I’ve shed too many blood, sweat and tears, survived street wars and indictments. Nope no more.

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In a second post, Benzino seemingly spoke up for dads who get a bad rap. (No pun intended.)

It’s so easy to hop in the bad dad bandwagon because 75 percent of black woman and girls were without their dad in any capacity. WELL I FEEL FOR ALL OF YALL, BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE FOR COI LERAY! I NAMED HER THAT, NONE OF WERE THERE SO PLEASE CHILL. 

None of y’all was there when I was providing for her her mother, her two brother who were mine and her two older brother I raised who wasn’t mine so keep your negative opinions to yourself. I’m a real dad and I’m proud of that. STOP THE 🧢. SALUTE TO ALL DADS WHO HANDLE THEIR BUSINESS WHILE GOING UP AGAINST THE STREETS AND THE SYSTEM, S—- WICKED OUT HERE FOR BLACK MEN.

See Benzino’s original post about his daughter Coi below.

In other Coi Leray news…the 26-year-old rapper received two Grammy nominations! 

She received a Grammy nod in the Best Pop Dance Recording for the collaboration with David Guetta and Anne-Marie on “Baby Don’t Hurt Me.” 

Coi Leray also received a Best Rap Performance Grammy nomination for her hit single, “Players.” 

Based on his action since she’s garnered success, do you think Benzino is envious of Coi Leray’s success?

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