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While doing press for Bad Boys: Ride Or Die, Tasha Smith addressed the public concerns about Martin Lawrence’s health. 

Martin has been under a watchful eye and public scrutiny while doing worldwide press for the film with videos like the one below fueling concerns about his well-being.

Tasha Smith recently joined the franchise to play the role of Theresa Barnett, Martin’s on-screen wife, previously played by Theresa Randle

Tasha Smith joins Bad Boys replace Theresa Randle 4
Tasha Smith (Theresa Randle inset) Instagram/Paul Mounce/Corbis/Getty

While doing press in Atlanta for the film, which opens in theaters on Friday, June 7, Tasha Smith blew off the health concerns saying Martin “is fine.” 

Please, girl! He’s fine! He’s just been traveling the world, honey! Selling these tickets, honey. 

Sometimes people don’t understand how much work it takes to go out from city to city…country to country talking, talking, talking…

Will always been much more talkative. You know what I mean? 

So, no…we good over here.

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Tasha added, “People always look for something. Why can’t they just go out and look at this good @ss movie?!”

Watch the clip below.

I love me some Tasha Smith! She’s so real and always a straight shooter!

Be sure to go see Bad Boys: Ride Or Die – in theaters this Friday!


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